San Antonio’s Top Painting Company

No Drip Guarantee

Extra Prep = Cleaner House. We go the extra mile to ensure a drip free project.

Pay Upon Completion

No deposit required. Your satisfaction is our primary objective.

Color Guide

Our experts provide your “Tools for Success”. Color charts, color samples and our color match software help you pick the perfect color.

2 Year Warranty

Our professional’s top tier workmanship is backed by our industry leading 2 year warranty.

Touchup Kit

Our Touchup kits provide everything you need to keep your house looking great through life’s normal wear and tear.

Color Vault

Lifetime history of your color selections. Ensuring a perfect match on your next project.

We guaranty our work during and after our time at your project.  This is why we include a 2 year limited warranty with our paint projects.  A great paint job should stay a great paint job long after we leave! 

How this works?

We will send our 2 year limited warranty based off the type of service you are receiving (interior, exterior, cabinets, etc.).

Depending on the type of painting we are doing, we will assess any failing, flaking or peeling paint and take the necessary steps to correct as needed.  Check our warranty page to see exactly what is covered and what is not.

Our Guarantee

“One and done”, “On to the next customer”.  These are common industry sayings we do not believe in within our company culture.  We pride ourselves in building a relationship with our customers during and after our project is finished.  To ensure this we implement our warranty to create a positive experience for you knowing we will take care of any issues that may occur.